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Pigment Powder
PIGMENT POWDER is made up of pigments and recognized to impart colour to paint and is generally used to add colour to a variety of items. It does not have any shiny qualities by nature and has an appearance of powdered coloured chalk.
Basic Dyes Liquid
The BASIC DYES LIQUID are the kind of basic dyes which are liquid in nature. These are cationic basic liquids that are used in brown packing, newspaper colouring, coloured towelling in grades, and other applications, and contain high levels of recycled, mechanical, or unbleached chemical fibres.
Chrome Pigment
The qualities of CHROME PIGMENT, such as excellent colour strength, make it appropriate for use in paints and coatings. Consequently, in recent years, the global demand for paints and coatings in architectural paints and corrosion paints has greatly increased.
Acid Dyes
ACID DYES are dyes that are frequently applied to textiles at low pH levels. They are mostly used to colour wool rather than cotton garments. Some acid dyes are utilised as culinary colouring, while others might be utilised in the medical industry to stain organelles.
Solvent Dyes
SOLVENT DYES have mediocre to good light fastness and do not form distinct films or residues throughout the production process. In addition, the solvent dyes are uniform in terms of colour hues as well as quality.

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