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Basic Dyes
There are a number of colours available under our category called basic dyes. Available in the form of powder, these dyes result in intense hues and shades that are light fast and washing fast. All kinds of fibers and textiles, including wool and silk, can be dyed with this kind of dye.
Pigment Powder
PIGMENT POWDER is made up of pigments and recognized to impart colour to paint and is generally used to add colour to a variety of items. It does not have any shiny qualities by nature and has an appearance of powdered coloured chalk.
Acid Dyes
ACID DYES are dyes that are frequently applied to textiles at low pH levels. They are mostly used to colour wool rather than cotton garments. Some acid dyes are utilised as culinary colouring, while others might be utilised in the medical industry to stain organelles.
Fast Garnet GBC Base

Fast Garnet GBC base, also referred to as o-Aminoazotoluene, is a type of dye that comes in the Solvent dye group. Available in the form of powder, it is soluble in methanol, chloroform, and acetone. Customers must store this dye at room temperature.

Rubine Toner

Colorant like Rubina toner is mainly used in the printing industry. It comes in the form of fine powder in vibrant red and pink colors. This colorant is used in printers, especially laser printers, and photocopiers to create text and images on paper.

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